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march 7th, 2021

i saw an angel who led me by my hand to a open window, and told me to jump with her. she had the appearance of a young girl, but for some reason i kept thinking she was my mother.

february 2nd, 2021

i was running away from something, and i had to leave my father behind. i cried. the same father i resent, i cried for

january 27th, 2021

i was the lead in a play. i enjoyed myself.

january 25th, 2021

i was in a house, maggots and larvae were growing on the walls. i was begging my father to do something, but suddenly i coughed up balls of maggots. i can still feel the gummy texture.

november 2nd, 2020

i had a dream that i was crowned a king, and boba my queen. i remember a reporter mocking me, then ordering him to be executed. i visited the reporter later while he was imprisoned, telling him i was only toying with him and i would let him go. i would make a great king.

october 25th, 2020

i had a dream that i met someone and immediately fell in love with them, even though physically they werent my type. it was not someone i recognize in waking life, but they felt so familiar.

october 24th, 2020

i had a dream i was... with boba. it was... pleasant to say the least...

september 8th, 2020

i was back at the ward. i kept trying to escape, but they found me everytime.

may 23rd, 2020;

me and mother...together. i miss her

may 10th, 2020;

mother's day

the kids who used to mock me were mocking me again. i couldn't make out their faces, but i knew. then i was in a class, and a video about current celebrities was being shown. i tried to make a joke about not caring or something along those lines. nobody laughed. instead, someone told me to shut up. they all laughed at that. i was suddenly in the shower, crying. i remember feeling odd and slowly realizing i was in a dream because i can't remember the last time i could actually work up the muscles in my face to produce a tear. then, someone who felt familiar found me, and picked me up to cradle me like a child, i couldn't make out his face, but i knew it was him. my eternal love.