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Saturday, July 13th, 2019;

2:34 pm

practiced two forms of scrying, wax/water and mirror scrying.


  • saw tunnel with a light at the end
  • saw creepy smiling faces, but this could have just been paranoia
  • wax/water-

  • saw a rabbit
  • saw a heart
  • saw a very detailed wolf
  • saw a dancing woman
  • now heres my little guide on scrying, and just a disclaimer once again, im not the most pro witch or practitioner around, please do try things for yourself and use many different resources

    Mirror Scrying

    first you will obviously need something to scry with. most mirrors and crystals balls are very expensive, so you can make your own mirror by buying a picture frame and spray painting the glass with black spray paint. here are some cheap etsy ones though; 1 2 3 you can find many more on etsy.

    next, you will need to sit in a dark clean room, and set a candle near you and the mirror, preferably set it on a surface so you can look straight at it rather than looking down. then you can begin meditating (i do this by breathing in while counting to four, and then exhaling while counting to four, but feel free to do whatever works for you) and stare into the mirror. you want your vision to relax, but dont make yourself pass out, do give yourself small breaks in between for your eyes.

    if youre wondering about something in particular, such as advice for careers or relationships, focus on that intention while gazing. dont try to trick yourself into seeing things, allow visions to pass and go.

    Wax Scrying

    first grab a candle and something like a bowl that holds water. i didnt have a black bowl so i used my bathtub, despite it being white, but i was just as successful. i found that with white bowls you can also use the shadows of the wax to see things. fill it near the top

    light the candle and wait till a good amount of wax has melted, then blow out the candle and pour the wax on the water. relight the candle and place it near the bowl or tub. gaze at the wax and try to see what images and symbols you can make out. you can also use your finger to gently create a ripple to move the wax around.

    Sunday, July 7th, 2019;

    2:41 pm

    purchased a scrying mirror.

    Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019;

    10:20 am

    please check if your spell ingredients are safe. avoid lighting incense near animals. check what is safe for your pets to be around. chedk if theyre safe for you to be around.

    Tuesday, June 18th, 2019;


    been thinking about hellenism and goetia. wondering if i could do both. im not sure.

    Saturday, June 15th, 2019;

    12:01 pm

    full moon incoming... i dont really have anything planned honestly. but im going to try to get back into my swing. looking into a scrying ball after i had dreams about getting one.

    Tuesday, June 11th, 2019;

    6:12 pm

    i ordered a used copy of The Lesser Key of Solomon and it should come in in a few days, however im contemplating how much i want to speak about the goetia. its a very risky thing and i wouldnt want any inexperienced people to fuck themselves over cause they wanted to do a cool sigil and burn shit. however! i want to emphasize again, books are some of your best friends for witchcraft! yes, the wide net has many free spells and many cool sigils for free already, but imo the best stuff is always the stuff that has been trusted for ages! but also research thoroughly before doing something stupid obviously. im going to begin an internship at a crystal shop, and ill try to update on that some more.

    Saturday, June 8th, 2019;

    3:49 pm

    this is where all my witchcraft updates will go. might add a page listing my crystal collection possibly. also added a tarot request section